Friday, August 14, 2009

How does Myth Relate to History?

You have express interest in myth, but haven't suggested how it relates to history. To pursue your interests you might consider that:
~ The King Arthur legend counts as myth. Morgan le Fay and Modred of the legend may interest you.
~ Accounts of other peoples gods count as myth. Check out Odin, check out the Holy grail.
~ There are great stories connected to the names found in most myth
~ Hermes and Pan may bring you to interesting stories, histories, and more.
~ Attatched to the following names are multi-colored threads that can lead you to wondrous learnings: Quetzalcoatl, Tiresias, Jupiter, trolls(who hate{they say}noise), Hestia, vestal virgins, and more.
~ Look at Japanese, Filipino and Egyptian myth.
~ Look a creation myths
` Most especially look at myth stories.
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