Tuesday, August 11, 2009

As a Seeker

As a student of life you may find your consideration of the following of practical use to you.
  • Let yourself investigate principles.
  • Go on to experience how one configuration relates to another.
  • You are designed to find order in the univease. As you grow you will find that order more and more beautiful.
  • Give yourself time and opportunity to explore, with another, the tones from a monochord.
  • Re-explore the breadth of ration and proportion with a child. 
  • Be a bit more ready to recognize it in your own life.
  • The child of four can begin to explore number. Four is a wonderful beginning number.
  • Introduce yourself to the new this week.
  • Learn more and much more of purification.
  • Practice purification.
  • Search the measure of the curious, the ambitious, the covetous within you.
  • How much do you desire knowledge? honor? profit?
  • Consider the relative value of the virtues: temperance, courage, wisdom.

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