Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Talking to Myself

There are a lot of things my father didn't tell me.Things he did tell me were often ambigous or wrong. Still, I am glad that he did tell me. Because it was he who told me those things, I tended to think about them. Such thinking has proved helpful to me.

When I was quite young, perhaps in responce to a question of mine about a man talking to himself on the street, he said, " Its okay to talk to yourself; its even okay to answer yourself; but if you find yourself saying 'huh?' or 'What did you say?' look out"

We do sometmes say something out-loud to ourselves. A bit more often we might whisper to ourselves or just move our lips as in silent reading. Most often we just think our words. We seldom say to ourselves, "What did you say?" Perhaps we should.

Another thing my father told me is that, "A thing worth doing is worth doing well." I think about that. I continue to learn that listening to myself well is important. Listening to myself a bit better is teaching me how important it is to talk to myself well.

My honest attempts to say to myself things that are true, is paying off in healthy reaism and happiness. I cannot tell myself the perfect truth, but honestly trying to tell myself the truth is paying. Speaking to myself with increasing honesty is helping me to more effectively cooperate with realities of man, God, cosmos. The truth is freeing me and adding to my power to use that freedom well.

Good Bye May Day

What do you remember about May Day?

I remember gentle ,sunny goodness. I remember May Baskets and May Flowers. I remember talk and pictures of May Poles and May Dances. I remember garlands of flowers.

I miss May Day. I've shed tears for the loss of it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Questions: Yoga, Etc.

What are the differences among the following forms of yoga: Asthang, Hatha, Satyananda? What can you tell us about them?

What are the Chinese disciplines Shing Ye, and Ba Gua about?

What is a easy way to search for a specific kind of information on a given blog site?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Home on the Desert

The Sky and roads carry more traffic than ever. The media still brings me the problems of the world.
Still, watching a pink snake, big and beautiful, gliding and nosing across my front yard this morning reminded me that earlier I had seen the jack rabbits sitting in the shade of the creosote bushes: which reminded me that I had nearly stepped on a tiny, half grown, cotton tail yesterday evening: which reminded me yesterday I had watched two strapping alligator lizards making love not far from my kitchen door; which reminded me that my cactus is blooming; which reminded me that I still hear coyotes and even see some handsome desert iguanas from time to time; which reminds me that my world is right.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sweetness and Light

Is Transgressive Fiction usually read for fun?
Did your exploration of LA remind you of Dante?
Have you read "Thou Shalt not be Aware" by Alice Miller.
Do you think Miller and Bukowski ever dated.

Compare and Contrast: a Test

Remember a teacher asking you to write a few words comparing and contrasting a couple of things? Do you remember loving her for it?
Well, in this test you are to write a few words tell how these two men differ and a few telling how they are similar.
Correct answers will be published. Grades sent privately upon request. Names of persons getting an 'A' upon receipt of cash.

A=three or more correct similarities and three or more correct differences
B= 2, 3, 4, or 5 correct similarities and differences
C= One correct answer
D= Attempt made with no correct answers
F= No attempt made.

List three or more ways these men are similar
List three or more ways these men are dissimilar

Benito Juarez
Evo Morales


A Special Thank you to Rex, my good ,and to Gerry, my favorite sister, for keep track of my recent Andean wanderings. I appreciate their abilities, care, interests; their kind and wise words.

Its always a great pleasure to receive Rex's comments on life, Missisippi, people, and doings. He paints some nice word pictures.

Its great to get wise words of encouragement from Gerry. She is modest and generous in sharing the results of her creativity and research.

Thanks Gerry. Thanks, Rex.

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