Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Web Site

I've just started a new website.

It's mostly just a rudimentary family-tree and so will mostly interest just a few family members.

However, if you have Daniels, Sheehan, or Carroll surnames in your family, you may want to check it out ..... or even add to it.


Louis L'Amour seems to have been pleased that his education provided him with:
~ breadth of view
~ ease of understanding
~ tolerance of others
~ a background from which his mind could explore in any direction
~ honesty
~ a grounding in history


We are in a search for meaning.
We are newly urged toward an enormous new collective awareness.
We are subject to insanity.
Our collective awareness may be more or less mad.
How are we recognizing good, better, and best observation?
How are we recognizing good, better, and best interpretation?

Readings Mentioned As Good by .........

Louis L'Amour:
Commerce of the Prairies, by Gregg
Cudjo's Cave
The Little Sheppard of Kingdom Come
Science fictions in general
Dumas' books
The Rise of the Dutch Republic, by John Motley
Martin Eden, by Jack London

I'd enjoy your comments on any of these works. I have a lot to learn about each of them. I expect that Commerce of the Prairies would be valuable and fun look at an important bit of US history.

Cudjo's Cave sounds like a work of fiction I'd really enjoy.

The Little Sheppard of Kingdom Come was recommended to me by my father so I never read it.

Some years ago I read and enjoyed a great deal of science fiction. I found the works with a sociological bent of particular interest.

Everything I've read by Alexander Dumas pleased me. I might return to him.

Martin Eden is great. However, you may find London's Burning Daylight
a welcome balancing volume.

Friday, September 18, 2009


As being overweight may be a cause of hypertension, pushing back fro the table a bit earlier may be a positive help. A decision to continue to eat everything, but a bit less of it may lead to progress toward lower blood pressure. Walking a bit more than has become customary could lead to similar progress.Coupling a reasonable cut in calories with a calorie-expenditure increase may help too.

Calorie-expenditure usually refers to exercise or physical activity. A moderately paced walk of a mile once a day is considered moderate exercise and is often to lead to longer walks at greater speed. Such exercise is not expected to result in marked increase in appetite.

Those, like me, unwilling to eat less and be more physically active may opt for chemical surgery. For example, taking drugs which are powerful ganglionic blocking agents. Such drugs, in effect, perform chemical surgery.

I have also taken relaxer drugs, like hydralazine, which produce a more gradual and more lasting fall in pressure than gangionic blockers. A combination of hydralazine with hexamethonium seems helpful. Then there wee others like rauwolffia and resepine.

Drugs which might be called usurpers(guanethidine)and also the diuretics didn't seem helpful. Enough diuretics to actuall reduce my pressure, for example, lead to heart discomfort. I am experiencing heart discomfort an pressure right now. I wonder if the aliskiren I've just begun to take is a diuretic!!

My Blood Pressure Is Up

I am experiencing a bit of kidney pain.
I think that my blood pressure has bee up since about March of this year.
I've just about doubled my medication recent months. I am now taking the the following medications daily:
Tekturna 300mg
metoprolol 100mg
enalapril 40mg
amlodipino 10mg
terazosina 4mg
The most recent increase was from 150mg of Tekturna to 300mg of that drug. I've doubled everything accept amlodipino to no apparent effect.

The changes in medication have made little to no change in my pressure!

Averaging my early morning pressures for the last 5 days I get 222/115. I've told Dr salhotra that my morning pressure runs about 200/110. It seems he does not believe that it runs that high. This morning it was 231/113 with a pulse rate of 55.

Relaxation techniques sometimes lower my pressure 6 to 7 points for a matter of minutes.

I don't no why my pressure jumped up this time. It something similar a couple of years or so back for no reason I have discovered, but it did seem easier to get under control that time.

I am over-weight. Dropping 50 pounds did not bring down my pressure in the past, but there is little chance that doing so again would hurt me.

I am truly concerned. In the past, when my pressure reach these ranges blood vessels burst in the whites of my eyes, my vitreous fluid became cloudier, and some kidney damage was found. I haven't had a stroke although my facial paralysis has led some to believe that I have.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Earliest Europeans In North America, Speculation

I was speculating about some of the earliest Europeans to arrive in North America. I was thinking that at first their number was very small and that their arms little better than those they found in use here.
Their bow and arrow technology was frequently no better than that which the found here. The did sometimes bring swords that were in many case superior to native spears and clubs, but the usually did not bring with them the high smithing technology need to make a new sword. And they seldom brought the needed knowledge of metal extraction.

Even in later days a Spanish colonist without horse or armor was about on par with native warriors. It was often lance against lance and bow against bow.

Kearny and California

Stephen W. Kearny may not have been a sweetheart, but he was perhaps the top pre-Civil War officer in the US Army. He is important for his part in the conquest of California. The Kearny ("Kar-ney") code for governing government behavior towards Californios may not have been great, but was many times better than what that behavior became. What it became may not have been as bad as government behavior during Reconstruction, but it was comparable.

Kearny was born in 1794 in New Jersey and died in Missouri in 1848. He was of good family, being able to trace his roots back through general William Alexander and Sara(Lady Sterling)Livingston.

In 1826 he was appointed as fist commander of Jefferson Barracks in Missouri. While there he married Mary Radford, the stepdaughter of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

While at the Jefferson Barracks, Kearny organized a regiment of dragoons on the lines of a cavalry unit. The U.S. Cavalry eventually grew out of that unit.

Kearny left for California with a fighting force of 300. Arrived tired in California and was stopped dead in his tracks by Capitan Leonardo Cota of the Californio-Mexican cavalry under Andres Pico at the battle of San Pasqual where Kearny was wounded. Even after Kearny was helped by Commodore Stockton's naval force at San Diego it remained a 'Mexican Stand-off, for some time. After the Battles of San Gabriel and La Mesa with the subsequent control of Los Angeles the Anglos gained the upper hand. They were helped a bit by lack of trust for the Mexicans which had been developing in the Californios.

Still for a short time, a bit like Camelot, the "days of the Dons" had been a bit like the dreams of the Caliphs.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prussia or

history map of Ordensstaat, 1455Image via Wikipedia

You won't find Pandow in Prussia though You may find Luneburg and Lotzen there. You will find neither Lunenburg nor Lotzen in Myanmar, but you might find Pandow there.
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