Saturday, September 19, 2009

Readings Mentioned As Good by .........

Louis L'Amour:
Commerce of the Prairies, by Gregg
Cudjo's Cave
The Little Sheppard of Kingdom Come
Science fictions in general
Dumas' books
The Rise of the Dutch Republic, by John Motley
Martin Eden, by Jack London

I'd enjoy your comments on any of these works. I have a lot to learn about each of them. I expect that Commerce of the Prairies would be valuable and fun look at an important bit of US history.

Cudjo's Cave sounds like a work of fiction I'd really enjoy.

The Little Sheppard of Kingdom Come was recommended to me by my father so I never read it.

Some years ago I read and enjoyed a great deal of science fiction. I found the works with a sociological bent of particular interest.

Everything I've read by Alexander Dumas pleased me. I might return to him.

Martin Eden is great. However, you may find London's Burning Daylight
a welcome balancing volume.

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