Friday, September 18, 2009


As being overweight may be a cause of hypertension, pushing back fro the table a bit earlier may be a positive help. A decision to continue to eat everything, but a bit less of it may lead to progress toward lower blood pressure. Walking a bit more than has become customary could lead to similar progress.Coupling a reasonable cut in calories with a calorie-expenditure increase may help too.

Calorie-expenditure usually refers to exercise or physical activity. A moderately paced walk of a mile once a day is considered moderate exercise and is often to lead to longer walks at greater speed. Such exercise is not expected to result in marked increase in appetite.

Those, like me, unwilling to eat less and be more physically active may opt for chemical surgery. For example, taking drugs which are powerful ganglionic blocking agents. Such drugs, in effect, perform chemical surgery.

I have also taken relaxer drugs, like hydralazine, which produce a more gradual and more lasting fall in pressure than gangionic blockers. A combination of hydralazine with hexamethonium seems helpful. Then there wee others like rauwolffia and resepine.

Drugs which might be called usurpers(guanethidine)and also the diuretics didn't seem helpful. Enough diuretics to actuall reduce my pressure, for example, lead to heart discomfort. I am experiencing heart discomfort an pressure right now. I wonder if the aliskiren I've just begun to take is a diuretic!!

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