Friday, September 18, 2009

My Blood Pressure Is Up

I am experiencing a bit of kidney pain.
I think that my blood pressure has bee up since about March of this year.
I've just about doubled my medication recent months. I am now taking the the following medications daily:
Tekturna 300mg
metoprolol 100mg
enalapril 40mg
amlodipino 10mg
terazosina 4mg
The most recent increase was from 150mg of Tekturna to 300mg of that drug. I've doubled everything accept amlodipino to no apparent effect.

The changes in medication have made little to no change in my pressure!

Averaging my early morning pressures for the last 5 days I get 222/115. I've told Dr salhotra that my morning pressure runs about 200/110. It seems he does not believe that it runs that high. This morning it was 231/113 with a pulse rate of 55.

Relaxation techniques sometimes lower my pressure 6 to 7 points for a matter of minutes.

I don't no why my pressure jumped up this time. It something similar a couple of years or so back for no reason I have discovered, but it did seem easier to get under control that time.

I am over-weight. Dropping 50 pounds did not bring down my pressure in the past, but there is little chance that doing so again would hurt me.

I am truly concerned. In the past, when my pressure reach these ranges blood vessels burst in the whites of my eyes, my vitreous fluid became cloudier, and some kidney damage was found. I haven't had a stroke although my facial paralysis has led some to believe that I have.

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