Saturday, February 21, 2009


It looks as though some took the money and ran.

Did they look at climate change and our refusal to act and decide that the best they could do was take the money and run?

I can't believe that. Change just is. We can talk about the weather, but we can't do anything about it. What can we do? The few can't take that much from the many.

Signs and portents? Prophets are just crazy old guys. Who can understand or believe the community of scientists. Who has the time to understand our founding fathers?
Who has time or will to cooperate and organize?

Aren't they responsible?

Maybe It Won't

"The truth shall set you free."
but first
must listen for it,
hear it,
understand it,
make it part of your every day life,
You must be prompt to listen, hear, understand, and act.
You must persist.

And that is just the start.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Have you decided not to teach your child to be a citizen?

It Just Doesn't Make Sense

A friend asked me how I expected to vacation on a budget of $1400 a month.

I told him that these days, cash is as good as money.
He knows that what I do can't really be called vacationing.


Destinations I've considered have included: Malaysia; Rosemonde, California; Argentina: San Diego, California; Uruguay; Thailand; Dominican Republic; Budapest, Hungary; Croatia; Cambodia; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Reykjavik, Iceland; Laos.
Found a flight to Ljubljana $532 including all taxes and fees.

So far the idea which has raised the most enthusiasm in me is driving my old Van to some U. S. city, taking rooms there, and checking it out for a month or so. I seem a strange man even to myself sometime. I've considered trying San Antonio, Texas first and from there heading southeast. However, San Diego, Tucson, or even Yuma could be first.

I do feel the juices flowing a bit.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Workers pay for it all.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beautiful Magic Island

Golden home of high Buddhist Culture. Oh, Sri Laka. When once you quiet the Tamil will you quiet those monsters among you who kill animals in their homes? Where will it end?

I see red eyed monkey gods dancing in the fire. Who will quiet them?

Think it Over or Forget It

It seems I do not now have a source of network marketing business builders.

I've had as much pleasure from real estate as I have had from teaching, and more pro fit. Perhaps I should stick with real estate.

Or, perhaps I should take a trip and think it over.

Or, perhaps I should plan a trip and forget about real eatate, teaching, MLM and the like.

What do you think?
You could check out

From Dream to Dream

Stephen W. Kearny may not have been a sweetheart but he was the top pre-Civil War Army officer of his time. He is import for reasons other than his part in the conquest of California, but it is that conquest that interests me at the moment.
The Kearny Code for governing government behavior towards Californios may not have been great, but it was much better than that behavior actually became. What it became may not have been as bad as Federal behavior became during Reconstruction, but there are comparisons.

Kearny (pronounced "Kar-ney" sounds Irish) was born in 1794 in New Jersey and died in Missouri in 1848. Remember the "'49ers?" He was of a 'good family' being able to trace his roots back through General William Alexander and Sara(Lady Stirling)Livingston.
In 1826 he was appointed the first commander of the new Jefferson Barracks in Missouri. While there he married Mary Radford, the step-daughter of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
While at Jefferson Barracks, Kearny organized a regiment of dragoons on the lines of a cavalry unit. The U. S. Cavalry eventually grew out of that unit.

Kearny left for California with a fighting force of 300. They arrived tired in California and were stopped in their tracks by Captain Leonardo Cota of the Californio-Mexican cavalry under Andres Pico at the Battle of San Pasqual where Kearney was wounded. Even after Kearny was helped by Commodore Stockton's navel force at San Diego it remained a "Mexican stand-off for some time. After the Battles of San Gabriel and La Mesa with subsequent control of Los Angeles the Anglos gained the upper hand. They were helped some by a lack of trust for the Mexicans which had grown among the Californios.

Still for a short time, a bit like Camelot, 'the days of the dons' had been a bit like the dreams of the Caliphs.

Dream to Dream

Stephen W. Kearny may not have been a sweetheart but he was the top pre-Civil War officer in the U. S. Army of his time for a reason. He is important in for his part in the conquest of California.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trip Plans

It is good to be realistic about my age and nature.
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Trip Inspiration

Might a trip to the 'old sod' inspire me?
Just what is an old sod?
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Looking fo Inspiration

A guide might be nice inspiration for a trip.
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Modern farming includes 'economic' fertilizing.
The usual method of fertilizing is to supplement the soil with 3, 4, 5, 6, elements, or less.
Most plants and people thrive on 30, 40, 50, 60, elements or more.
The soil is impoverished. How many factory farmers add even basic elements such as iron much less important trace elements.
Even with genetic engineering and evolutionary trends, crops and people aren't well nourished.
If it is not in the soil peaches and spinach don't have what it takes.
Romans fed the legions on Egyptian wheat because they learned that it had the power to run their army.
The ancients knew that the quality of their food supply was a matter of national security.

Notes from Camp Thunderbird and Nearby

There is always 'greasewood' and some kind of cholla nearby.
Haven't seen a tortis in the wild for many years.
I see certain jack rabbits enough so that I nearly come to know them as individuals.
The cute little cotton-tails I know only by age grade. Saw one today even in this very cold weather.
Quail still visit. Haven't seen the little silver gray fox, that seemed to consider the place home, for some time.
Most reptiles a rodents are still in hibernation. Though a warm sun brings out a few little lizards.
Seems very long since I've heard a coyote sing. Did see fresh droppings on the place that indicates that I have had a full grown visitor.
The winds stir a wild dance from the larrea tridentata and the skys are beautiful.

New Direction, New Business

I don't see a really good source of clients.
Perhaps I need not only a new business plan, but also a whole new business.
Perhaps I need better information and new direction.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Trip?

Another title for this bit might have been "Don't Let Anything but Fear Stop You."

I'm in an interesting place. Mot good, just interesting. I've been taking care of business and being a bit careless of myself. I've been watching the 'news' and have perhaps been attending to the foibles of my fellows to the neglect of my own.

In the past I haven't always had an attractive project in mind and I don't now. Often, in the past, I have had the joy of spontaneously following my bliss without a plan. In the past I have known that I could persist through difficult circumstances to peak experience that made my efforts more than worthwhile.

The not good, just interesting, place in which I find myself at the moment is, in part, the following: I fear that I have so neglected my spontaneity that I have put it in a coma rather than just put it to sleep. Neglect your true pleasures and they may leave you. These things can happen very fast when one gets to a certain age. Speaking of age, I am nearly 72, on a tiny retirement income, and with a body that is weaker than it has been in many decades.

I'm not often such as cry-baby. However, I do find not knowing what to do to energize myself with the prospect of pleasant adventure, to lighten my heart, to generate a good laugh, a bit frightening.

In the past I have had in mind a kind of experience that I desired and have set out to have it. In setting out, I knew that I was, or would prepared to be diverted to other adventures along the way. Right now, I fear that I have damaged my capacity for joy. Joy is not an energy to be neglected.

Let me consider my resources: my bank roll is low; the war-chest is nearly empty; still my passport is valid, and my '97 van is running, and I'm alive. Maybe if i fill up the tank and put my passport in my pocket I will again feel that remembered stirring in my heart.

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