Saturday, January 23, 2010

Little J. T. House

This sure isn't Camp Thunderbird. I doesn't have the richness or speciousness, ad much else. Still it has a good roof on it and I have a good view of the snow sprinkle on the nearby hills.

I'm able to handle the noise here so far. Most would consider it a quiet neighborhood, but neighbors have dogs, cars, and voices. I am sill surprised and a bit disturbed by the great amount of artificial light at night. Widow coverings are a necessity.

No tan round tails here. I there stead are fewer, but larger bushy tailed, gray ground squirrels.Font size

Friday, January 22, 2010

You Know what the Autistic Are Like

In his novel, "the curious incident of the dog in the night-time," Mark Haddon puts a joke much like this into the words of his protagonist, a young boy we might call autistic.

~ An economist, a logician, and a mathematician were on a train to Scotland. Looking out the window as they enter Scotland they see a brown cow standing parallel to the train.
The economist says, "Look the cows in Soctland are brown."
The logician says, "No,, there are cows in Scotland of which ast least one is brown."
The mathematician says, "No, there is at least one cow in Scotland, of which one side appears brown." ~

Haddon has his hero explain the joke like this " is funny because economists are not real scientists, and because logicians think more clearly, but mathematicians are best."

Maybe one needs to read the book.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Family History

Interested in Sheehan family history in particular or in genealogy in general?
Click on my sister's genealogy site.

Powers and Elders

I tend to do better when I'm cooperative and attentive.

I tend to cooperate with powers that be and to attend to elders.

Not Working

I am dropping my rocketmail and yahoo acounts beginning today. They are nor working for me.


Is the night sky getting lighter, getting darker, or staying the same?

Tavis Smiley

Tavis Smiley is a sweethart.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I wonder if Amazon offers a book discusing mineral availabilty in various foods.
American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide

Can you tell us more about this book?  Might it help me find specific foods to help my zinc uptake.

Gerry's Genealogy

Gerry's Genealogy

Zinc, Zinc, in the Pink

What are some excellent natural sources of bio-available zinc?
Zinc supplements I've seen do not appear very bio-available and I'd like to avoid them.
What I'd like to have well in mind is a small menu of foods that typically contain high amounts of available zinc.
I understand that pumpkin seed husks contain a great deal o zinc, but I'd like more variety than that offered by husks. One item doesn't make a menu.
Have you heard of foods high in zinc that you would care to tell me about?

Why am I interested? Because:
Lack of zinc may lead to angina and I have experienced angina.
Lack of enough zinc may lead to enlarged prostate and I have experience enlarged prostate.
I have told I have atherosclerosis or similar circulatory problems including calcium deposits and some health professionals believe that they have fund evidence of a good cheating effect of zinc.
Zinc lozenges have stopped a cold developing within me.


The deaths in the small area of the capital represents the most dead per squar kilimeter in the shorested period of time I know of.
I'd have bet that the number of dead whould not reach 40,000. Now it looks like the reality could be twice that.

Did you know that we have treated Haitians worse than we have treated Cubans and have treated them that way for a much longer perid of time?

Who are we.

Side Effects

I have felt a variety of unpleasant side effects from drugs I've taken to lower my blood pressure.
For example:
~ I have felt generally bad with general discomfort.
~ I have felt something like liver discomfort and slightly feverish.
~ I have had my ability to experience a and erection diminished.
~ I have ha a variety of headaches or varying severity and duration.`
~ Some diuretics have caused me crushing heart discomfort.

Usually I have had no practical understanding of the side effects I have felt. When I have called doctor's attention to those side effects I have typically be offered no enlightenment. When the effects were severely frightening I have quit the medication and the doctor. One side effect that seemed to find the most ready interest of a doctor was impotence.

I was interested in discovering that taking drugs lie Levitra and Viagra could lower my blood pressure while providing useful side effects.


What is the state of our oneness?

Can a democracy or any nation long exist without well nurtured oneness.

Pogroms and Palestine

Modern Jewish immigration to Palestine began in about 1880 with pogroms in Eastern Europe.

From 1904 through 1914 other waves of European Jews were allowed to immigrate to Palestine. I believe that it was in the later part of this period that the British conquered Palestine. The conquering army included the Jewish Legion which contained many Zionists.

In 1920 Palestinians 'rioted' in resistance to the British giving Jews great rights to Palestinian lands.

Before 1922 Jews had created a military 'defense' in Palestine. In 1922 the League of Nations gave mandate over Palestine to Britain.

A third and fourth waves of Jewish immigration to Palestine between about 1919 and 1929 came against the will of the Palestinian people.

I about 50 years over 200,000 European Jews entered tiny Palestine to satay. Then, in a fifth wave of Europeans, 250,000 more came.

Between 1936 and 1939 Palestinians 'revolted' at what they experienced as a hostile invasion.

After 1945 England found itself in violent conflict with European Zionists and threw up their hands (washed). Soon the UN partitioned Palestine.

In 1948 'European' Jews claimed Palestine.

In "comments" please correct my errors or ad pertinent facts and details.

Dam Importanat In Yemen

and miscellaneous insights

Before 2300 BC there were elaborate earth dams and canal networks in what we now call Yemen. These works were carried out by a people of a pre-Saba'a culture.

The ancient town of Marib was once the capital of the kingdom of Saba'a, which may have been the kingdom of the Queen of Sheba. Saba may have been ruled by sixty female rulers before the Sheba of Solomon's time.

People of of Yemen might have been navigators of the sea and merchants before Moses walked in Egypt.

From good (not perfect)source I learn that after about 820 BC the kingdoms of Maan and Sheba arose in Yemen. And, that at the end of the 5th century BC two more arose, Quataban and Hadramaut. By about 250 BC Sheba absorbed Maan.

From another worthy source I 'hear' that Qahtans pre-dated the Saba and were the ones to begin the dam and canals at Marib. Some held the Qahtani to be in competition with the Adan and the Ma'ad.

We know that a source of historic difficulty is different people give differing names to a 'single entity.'

The earliest inhabitants of Yemen and Southern Arabia are often remembered as Qatani and have been identified with the Jokton of the Bible, a fourth generation decedent of Shem. (Sons of Sam?)

Close connections may be found between Nabataean Arabs and Quahtani. After about 70 BC there is evidence of important inland towns in the hands of Nabataean and Iturian Arabs near the Mediterranean end of the Arabian Penisula. (Petra I've written in other posts of the Nabataeans.

By 750 BC the Great Dam of Marib was one of the great engineering wonders of the world, efficient and beautifully clad in worked stone. By 500 BC it had been enlarged and remained a wonder. The Sheba or Qahtani remained the principle culture until about 220 BC. By 280 BC the Himyrarites dominated that Sabaenn cultur.

The present modern dam was completed in 1986 and is a fine piece of engineering.

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