Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pogroms and Palestine

Modern Jewish immigration to Palestine began in about 1880 with pogroms in Eastern Europe.

From 1904 through 1914 other waves of European Jews were allowed to immigrate to Palestine. I believe that it was in the later part of this period that the British conquered Palestine. The conquering army included the Jewish Legion which contained many Zionists.

In 1920 Palestinians 'rioted' in resistance to the British giving Jews great rights to Palestinian lands.

Before 1922 Jews had created a military 'defense' in Palestine. In 1922 the League of Nations gave mandate over Palestine to Britain.

A third and fourth waves of Jewish immigration to Palestine between about 1919 and 1929 came against the will of the Palestinian people.

I about 50 years over 200,000 European Jews entered tiny Palestine to satay. Then, in a fifth wave of Europeans, 250,000 more came.

Between 1936 and 1939 Palestinians 'revolted' at what they experienced as a hostile invasion.

After 1945 England found itself in violent conflict with European Zionists and threw up their hands (washed). Soon the UN partitioned Palestine.

In 1948 'European' Jews claimed Palestine.

In "comments" please correct my errors or ad pertinent facts and details.

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