Sunday, January 17, 2010

Side Effects

I have felt a variety of unpleasant side effects from drugs I've taken to lower my blood pressure.
For example:
~ I have felt generally bad with general discomfort.
~ I have felt something like liver discomfort and slightly feverish.
~ I have had my ability to experience a and erection diminished.
~ I have ha a variety of headaches or varying severity and duration.`
~ Some diuretics have caused me crushing heart discomfort.

Usually I have had no practical understanding of the side effects I have felt. When I have called doctor's attention to those side effects I have typically be offered no enlightenment. When the effects were severely frightening I have quit the medication and the doctor. One side effect that seemed to find the most ready interest of a doctor was impotence.

I was interested in discovering that taking drugs lie Levitra and Viagra could lower my blood pressure while providing useful side effects.

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