Sunday, January 17, 2010

Zinc, Zinc, in the Pink

What are some excellent natural sources of bio-available zinc?
Zinc supplements I've seen do not appear very bio-available and I'd like to avoid them.
What I'd like to have well in mind is a small menu of foods that typically contain high amounts of available zinc.
I understand that pumpkin seed husks contain a great deal o zinc, but I'd like more variety than that offered by husks. One item doesn't make a menu.
Have you heard of foods high in zinc that you would care to tell me about?

Why am I interested? Because:
Lack of zinc may lead to angina and I have experienced angina.
Lack of enough zinc may lead to enlarged prostate and I have experience enlarged prostate.
I have told I have atherosclerosis or similar circulatory problems including calcium deposits and some health professionals believe that they have fund evidence of a good cheating effect of zinc.
Zinc lozenges have stopped a cold developing within me.

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