Saturday, December 20, 2008

Joseph Campbell

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A Kind of Talk

You have a gift you can give and keep too.
Put it on the magic table.
See it shimmer morph and grow.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I Think That There is a Good Chance That .....

~ About 250,000,000 years ago a great dying occurred shortly after an asteroid hit Earth. Around the same number of years ago the petrified forest was still alive.
This may not be history but it sure is about the past.

~ I have no eye witnesses available for those happenings at those times. What I have is the analysis of well collected evidence by experts. I must use my understanding to evaluate the work of these experts. Often I feel little need to evaluate a particular work, but there are times that I do. At such times I feel the urge to get a bit more understanding along with my other getting.

~ It seems that 200,000,000 years ago, plus or minus 100,000,000 years, Pangae continued united. Could that asteroid of 'the great dying' have stirred it to tectonic action?

~ What did a good job of living through the great dying? Here's a starter hint. Between 250,000,000 and 90,000,000 years ago was the the time of large marine reptiles e.g. Ictheasaurs?, Icthyosaurs. Remains of them can be found in the Luning formation of Nevada.

~ What's a 100,000,000 years more or less?

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