Saturday, October 11, 2008

Older Writings

Some of the old writings are worth reading. For example ....
I think I´d like to read a bit more of Plutarch´s Lives .
I´m curious to find a copy of De Foe´s Essay on Projects.
Dr. Mather´s Essays to Do Good may well be worth a look.

I´m still in Salto.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Salto; Uruguay

Uruguay is not a less costly place to live than is much of South America, but the general quality of goods such as hotels, food, clothing is often better in Uruguay.

At the moment the cost of living in Brazil is a bit higher than it is in Uruguay and is a bit lower in Argentina.

I am in Salto, Uruguay and trying to learn a bit about it. Historians disagree about the founding and origens of the city and no one concept of the founding has been agreed on. Still it is clear that Salto is located at at the terminas of what was the navigatable portion of the Rio Uruguay.

I am back to a spanish language spellcheck. Not much help for me.

Another bit of obscure and generally useless piece of info I picked up today is that strudents of the indigenous tribes of the area have difficulty in distiquishing those tribes by their artifacts; many of them being very similar. But, as is usual, style of ceramics has proved a useful distiguishing feature.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Salto, Uruguay

Have we been paying for wars with paper money and electronic money with less backing then ever? Now that foriegners and a significant numer of US citizens are changeing their saved dollars for other currencies or goods, who has all the dollars?
I do see that my dollars are buying less daily.

I took my first look at Lima since about 1963. I Has changed less than many places I´ve been.

Nearly missed, Montevideo, the handsome capital of Uruguay completely in my dash to the hot water spa of Dayman. Only stayed in Dayman two days and am now in Salto.

Hotels here are mostly booked for the week. There is a big cattle show in town. The cattle business is still big, but does not seem to be growing. Crops are being plated on land that was once grazing land. I was surprised to hear that one of those crops might be rice. The gaucho is almost as hard to find as a cowboy who nis a top hand. Still lots of hard riding to be done on an estancia.

A significant number of Uruguayos have worked, and are working, in Australia. Many are permanant residents of that country. The tend to call Australians a cold people. When I ask how cold they are after a few beers in a bar, they agree that they are not cold at all. Mostly what the mean that they find much less mutual entertaning at peoples homes or even group outtings. In most countries of Latin America there is much more visiting and many more get togethers and parties. As a younger man in earlier times I'd quickly find myself the recipient of a couple of invitations. At each of those two get together I'd get at leaset 3 or 4 more invites.

I still have a bit of broncchitis and a bit of an eye infection, but continue to improve.

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