Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dr. Appointments

I don't know how to make them work for me. They have too many times become damaging to me.
Thank goodness most often they just turn out to be a waste of time.

Monday I have an appointment with Levy

I am supposed to make an appointment wit Zadeh.

I won't wait for more than 30 minutes.

I might be much better off going to a clinic.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pillars of Hercules: some notes

Neaderthals may have been on Gibraltar as late as 25000BP. Did they arriver there while running from us.

There seems to be good evidence that Phoenicians had a presence there by ca 950 BC.

The Pillars of Hercules have been called Monte Hacho and Jabel Musa. The Romans were there and Arabs controlled it for centuries.

The Pillars might well be called gates or gate posts for there were times they kept the Atlantic from entering the Mediterranean basin and times they let those waters in. In fact Strabo tells us that Pindar called them the Gates of Gades.

Atlas, Romans said they heard, was the mountain that closed the that gate across the straights.

In one history Hercules, on the way to Erytheia island, violently opened those gates so that the Atlantic flooded the Mediterranean lowlands. Did Diodorus Socolus recount that history?

In the case of Gibraltar the Spaniards may have been rooked by Englishmen.

Please add something. Just a comment would be a pleasure to receive.

To Love ............

is a wonderful Christmas gift!

Other fine gifts include to:
to understand.

Let's try to be clear about the nature of love.

Solar Power

I may not be able to profit from my own solar power set up.
Still ,,,,,,, it is interesting.

The idea that battery-based back-up power can ensure power even when the grid is down attracts me. The maintenance of such set ups may be a good business for someone. However, a propane powered generator set-up is probably cheaper and even easier to keep up.

I guess, that here in California, we still can't sell electricity that we produce even though net metering for credit is allowed. I think that one can check on selling rights, tax credits, rebates, and the like at

A grid-tie system with back-up may have been useful at Camp Thunderbird, but here at this little JT House Edison is probably good enough.

A catalog from Appropriate power got me reviewing thoughts of solar power. you can contact them at

Phone Foolishness

Verizon people are dunning me for money they claim on my closed MCI account.
MCI is happy; why is Verizon sticking their nose into my closed MCI account?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Colonoscopy Accomplished

The hardest part was waiting months to have it done.
The most acutely painful part was a misstep in having the IV placed.
No, polyps, strange beasts, or the like. That's good.
Still have diarrhea, headaches, and a right leg losing some function.
The doctor did not greet either before or after the procedure. I'd say his behavior reflects poorly on his mother.

The anesthesiologist and nursing staff were good.
Dr. Zadeh did take, I understand, a biopsy to see if there was any cause (?) for the diarrhea evident there.

Another initiatory (if not hazing) step has been taken.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mago Bill

Check to see the beginnings of a Sheehan family tree.

For the First Time in a Long Time

Tomorrow I will begin to fast and cleans.
The next day I will experience as much of a colonoscopy as I can through the sedatives I have agreed to take.
I probably will not have a bed to come home to.
This new home is closer to the place of colonoscopy than was my home of a short time ago.
I have almost no expectation that the colonoscopy will lead to correction of diarrhectic condition or my feeling of illness.
I do feel that it is a bit mad of me to let a relative stranger perform this procedure (on me).

May I have wellness, strength, and energy in abundance.

I have enough and am enough.

Is this a conversation starter?

What can you tell me about colonoscopy and wellness?

First Notions of Thai Beginings

I'm trying to start a conversational exchange. So far I have had small success. I'll try to find more popular topics as I proceed.

Grain farming began in the Thai area before 9000 BC. Other very early farming included betel, bean, pea, pepper, cucumber.

There is strong evidence that the Spirit Cave near Mae Hong Son Province of NW Thailand was occupied from about 9000 BC to about 5500 BC.

Bronze appeared in Thailand in the 5th millennium BC. A very advanced metalworking culture was wide spread and flourishing before 1500 BC. Iron was worked as early as 1500 BC.

Early Thai peoples included Lao, Lanna, Shan.

The Buddhist kingdom of Sukhothai founded in 1238 AD is often considered the first Thai state. I'd guess that by 1440 it was know throughout South East Asia and well beyond.

However, before the 13th century a Tai kingdom existed in the northern highlands, centered on Chaing Saen, a predecessor of Lanna.

A good way to begin to learn more of Thailand is to learn more about Lanna past and present.

"Land of Enchantment"

A smattering of my notions of the early history of what was to become New Mexico. As always, my hope is that this be a conversation starter.

The Pueblo revolt of 1680 probably began at the Taos Pueblo. Pope was probably an important Pueblo leader. Many of the Spaniards retreated to Mexico. Some criollos headed up river.

The 'Spanish' returned in 1692 under Diego de Vargas. A considerable number of present day NM families could trace their arrival to the time of the Vargas expedition. There are some who remember the family names of those colonists.

We could argue that New Mexico was Spain's remotest colony. Important supplies which helped to sustain the colony came over a 2000 mile mule trail from Mexico City. As Spain's power declined the colonists in NM were left more and more to sustain themselves as they could. The Indians were rapidly become fine horsemen riding decedents of good Spanish horse stock.
They raided the colonists well armed with lance, bow and war club. The colonists defended themselves with lance, bow, and long knives.

Haciendas, Missions, and Pueblos came to be abandoned before pressure from the Navajo, Apache, soon followed by Comanche. Comanche were early armed with French muscats. Colonist faced them mostly with lance and bow and few fire arms and little scarce powder.

As the above was taking place everything else was going. The Inquisition has hot. Some up-river colonists courted Apache and Apache them. Some down river colonists Pueblos and Navajo were intermarrying. 'Natives' and 'Europeans' were learning much from their close association.

Some powerful forces seemed sure that they already knew enough.

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