Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Solar Power

I may not be able to profit from my own solar power set up.
Still ,,,,,,, it is interesting.

The idea that battery-based back-up power can ensure power even when the grid is down attracts me. The maintenance of such set ups may be a good business for someone. However, a propane powered generator set-up is probably cheaper and even easier to keep up.

I guess, that here in California, we still can't sell electricity that we produce even though net metering for credit is allowed. I think that one can check on selling rights, tax credits, rebates, and the like at

A grid-tie system with back-up may have been useful at Camp Thunderbird, but here at this little JT House Edison is probably good enough.

A catalog from Appropriate power got me reviewing thoughts of solar power. you can contact them at

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