Sunday, December 13, 2009

First Notions of Thai Beginings

I'm trying to start a conversational exchange. So far I have had small success. I'll try to find more popular topics as I proceed.

Grain farming began in the Thai area before 9000 BC. Other very early farming included betel, bean, pea, pepper, cucumber.

There is strong evidence that the Spirit Cave near Mae Hong Son Province of NW Thailand was occupied from about 9000 BC to about 5500 BC.

Bronze appeared in Thailand in the 5th millennium BC. A very advanced metalworking culture was wide spread and flourishing before 1500 BC. Iron was worked as early as 1500 BC.

Early Thai peoples included Lao, Lanna, Shan.

The Buddhist kingdom of Sukhothai founded in 1238 AD is often considered the first Thai state. I'd guess that by 1440 it was know throughout South East Asia and well beyond.

However, before the 13th century a Tai kingdom existed in the northern highlands, centered on Chaing Saen, a predecessor of Lanna.

A good way to begin to learn more of Thailand is to learn more about Lanna past and present.

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