Tuesday, September 04, 2012


"Character" has a variety of meanings; many built around the etching of your stamp.

Here are a few of the 'talking points' about how it was for a significant number of your ancestors:
~ Those in their formative years were taught that character was about who they were,who they were becoming, and their quality as a person.
~ Persons from about nine to nineteen might be given books about character building.
~ Graduation speeches were often about character.
~ Many sermons dealt with character.
~ One of the great jobs of youth was character building.
~ Good character was a prize of great worth.
~ It was about what your spine was made of.
~ Ir was about goodness and virtue.
~ The main part of character was that part subject to will and learning.
~ Ir was about what you did with your attributes, traits, and abilities.
~ It was about true grit.
~ Ir was about your moral and ethical strength, your integrity.
~ In part it was about your reputation.
~ You were distinguished by your character.
~ A person of good character my be brave, clean, and reverent, or competent and dependable.
~ What, for you, are the marks of good character? Honesty is high on my list. 
~ What have the great teachers of mankind said about character?

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