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7000 BC

In 7799 BC the Earth had a polar precession of 11.75 degrees. What is the polar precession now? What is a polar precession?
What is a precession.

By 7000 BC there was metal working in Asnatolia and Jericho had a wall. Perhaps there was a Jericho with a wall 20,000 years ago and metal working in Anatolia 10,000 years ago,but our evidence for the 7000 BC time is much stronger. So, nearly all of our dates, for even as little as a 1000 years ago is a matter of probailites and relative strength of evidence. If you care to practice your own judgement a bit more, you can learn a bit more about the rules and practices of evidence and of sample gathering. On these pages be it known that the dates I give represent my best guesses at the moment. My guesses are usually based on the educated guesses of experts I trust.In the same 7000 BC time period records of an opium trade were recorded on clay tablets found in Mesopotamia.
La flor Iraca, flor beraca, ....
The trail from the Sea of Cortez north to what is now Arizona at Quirvaquito Springs and beyond has been used nearly contiously from about 7000 BC to about today. From about 150 AD to 1450 AD it was used by the Hohokam and then by Hai Cid O'odham (I still call the later Pima/Papago who live in the area today). Before that 150 AD time we can say that the routr was used by 'archaic period people.' In more recent time the trail has been used by smugglers, back packers, amd in documented immigrants.
7000 BC can mark a period of change in Mesoamerica. Before 70000 BC evidence suggest that man in the area was mainly a hunter and gatherer. After 7000 BC the climate became drier (had there been a change in precession?) and about the same time there was a marked increase in agriculture. Corn or Maize appeared. Corn of various colors as well as popcorn appeared.

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Honesty a long road,
a great adventure,
and attracts women.

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