Saturday, August 30, 2008

Flower Dream

A Yaqui flower dream can point a good way, even when I dream. I don't know the dance, but the way is good. This purification has no toloache, no alcohol, no special mushroom or cactus. All flowers have their beauty, even the yellow flower of the bitter gourd has its goodness. Still it is best to choose well.
Not perfection, rather perfecting is the way.
Souls get sick, but Yaquis can bring beautiful flower souls.
Powers come and go. Jesuits left. Still there are strong souls and flowers bloom.
Yaquis lost energy with Obergon, still they are wise enough.
They know responsibility for purification of these worlds.
They have been enslaved and value freedom as free beings. The cultivate flowers and wild flowers bloom through a nearly silent spring.
Yaqui flower near Tucson and north of Cuidad Obregon and there and there. Some practice strengthening purification. Some have seen a weakened dear dance. Some can still find the 16th flower world with four fours.
Fawn flower; garden flower; water flower; all good. The fruit of the bitter melon splits and grows before me after its yellow flower. Rain comes to the flower ground and better fruit splits and grows fine flowers.
Yaqui did not die when the Franciscans did not come. The nigh hawk returns and the thunderbird too. The mesquite blooms and brings powerful fruit. Deer flowers are still willing to feed many. Little hoofed brother flower is still willing. There are sticks and sounds of sticks.
There is a tree bent down, rich with flowers. Where is it? Out there in the sage? A flower branch, bent down with flowers.
Look there in the brush. Can you see doves. Can they be in the water?
Surely you can see three walking in the flower world dawn.
Can a bush squirrel still sound large. Can we hear it like and old enchanter?
Can we sleep in these flowers?
Who crawls in these flowers?
Dead grass stands shaking in the wind, there in the flower world. A blue cloud, grey water, mist will reach down, will rain down.
Will we break down the beavers door to kill it? Will we kill it? Kill it with a bow and arrow?
Do you know the cholla flower? Flowers with the body of a young deer? Can you see there where you stand to rub your antlers? How can a deer with antlers stand to rub them beneath a cholla flower? Still the deer and the cholla are willing. It is as it was.
I do not will flowers to move; the flowers will to move. They move. A road of flowers move. The cloud will break. Cloud breaks. Smart energy is available.
Each can cooperate with another. All Cahita were not always friends. Yaqui did not always love Mayo. Navajo does not always love Apache. Cahita were many and many. They farmed the desert too. They knew Pima and Papago and cotton by the old names. Some in the racherias know powerful ways of uniting, of cooperating. Can the find 16 flower souls?
Their vanity let the Spanish divide them. They were divided even knowing the purification of the four principle soul worlds. This is now. Think of sixteen. Now frown or pain.
How is the flower? Answer truly. Be willing to purify in a loving, healthy way. You will move. No need to fight. You will move. Purification is a good way; flowers purifying, perfecting these worlds and this world. Eliminating harm; each flower important.
I can say four fours need no gas and Easter is good enough.
I am not a Yaqui. Yet I speak. I speak of a now big and long. I know a flower road that is strong today and today. What can a Yaqui remember, find in mind, find in the sun, in a pure flower dream?

It Makes Ya Wonder

What causes a person to say, "Give me liberty or give me death?"
What causes a person to decide to die for honor?
What causes a person to chance death in battle?
What cause a person to decide to destroy life and property?
What causes a person to decide to give up their life to destroy another life?
What causes a person to be ready, willing, and able to die in a foreign land?
What causes a person to sacrifice himself?
What would you die for?
For what might you sacrifice all?
What is worth your supreme sacrifice?
How much dishonor, injustice, sacrilege, and deprivation are you will to allow your loved ones to suffer?
What arouses your curiosity?
How do you satisfy your curiosity?

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