Saturday, May 17, 2008

What is it to Speak from the Heart?

I am pleased to have permission to "write from the heart" in this journal.
However, I am dismayed to discover that I don't know how.
I feel I can be clear about the nature of a journal, but feel confusion and dismay about writing from the heart.

"Journal" comes from "journey." A journey originally meant a day's travel. So, in this journal I write of my journey through this day. I might write forever just in describing that which is before my eyes at this moment. Can I use my heart to limit my writing?
To "journey" is to travel from one place to another. In this journal, how can I say where I have begun this day? Can my "heart" identify worthy starting places and stopping places? Can a heart and a mind cooperate?
Well, I can say that in this journal that I may write of daily happenings. Where do those happenings occur? On a stage before me? In my mind? In my heart?
Of what do the happenings of my day consist? What are those happenings made of. Which ones are worth writing about?
Some wise men have suggested that the examined life is more worthy than the unexamined one.
Guess the same goes for a day in that life. It seems that examining is largely a mental activity.
It seems that my worthy happenings consist of my interpretations, assumptions, perceptions, understandings, determinations, accountings. Seems to be head work rather than heart work.

It seems that this journal is to contain writings about the happenings of a day that have a starting place, a stopping place, and the trip connecting them. The trip will consist largely of examanings and meaningings, but where is the heart in that?

Friday, May 16, 2008


How can we be we when we don't talk?

How can we say there is nothing to talk about?

When someone mentions "illegal" as in 'illegal aliens' "marriage" as in same 'sex marriage,' how can we ask, "What is there to say?"

How does a "we" occur?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Death of dialogue, death of nation.
Death of dialogue, death of society.
Death of dialogue, death of politics.
Death of dialogue, death of democracy.
Death of dialogue, death of us.


I need to learn more about adding "permanant" links.


My future travels will be different from my travels of the last half century. They will be less physical and more mental. Less of my time will be devoted to geographical travels so I expect to have more time for travels of another sort. Perhaps I'll have more time to devote to these pages and to contemplating your responses.

I want to thank those of you who have encouraged my efforts on theses pages and who have helped me to believe that my words count for something. I hope we will be able to travel together a bit here.

Your emails have provided me pleasant instruction and gratifying inspiration.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Our opinions are wonderously valuable gifts.
I'd love to hear your opinion on any topic. Topics that seem very important to me just now are: blogs, international law, national law, mass media, a particularly good film or video, water retention in the human body, atmosphric air quality, genes, genealogy, love, and more.

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