Monday, January 05, 2009

A Canary

Neither seen nor touched. Generally colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Neither solid nor liquid. Difficult to detect. We believe it exists.

It has a very low density and viscosity. As the ratio of its components change we sicken. Most changes in it are detrimental to our health.

It makes our biosphere possible. Its name is a word for breath.

We know that we can do better than to judge it by our sickness and death. We have used the sickening and death of animals to judge it, but know that we can do better.

We know that changes in its temperature causes great changes in its density, diffusion, and distribution, but are often careless of this knowledge.

We know elements of it are very reactive and are constantly interacting with everything in our biosphere.

It carries matter and material, bacteria and virus. It carries vapor, water, and ice. You are putting stuff into it now.

It changes form moment to moment and eon to eon.

Within a narrow range it supports human life and nearly all life here.

We have describe its pure nature and now a bit about its optimum nature.

Public Health

You pay for it.

It is the institution for preventing disease and promoting health. You have a relationship with institutions, organizations, and individuals of public health.

Check Wikipedia on the www to get a nice overview of public health.

Decide how you will visit your local health deparment. You might get travel innoculations there.

Check out the United States Public Health Service on the www; move on to check out the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Then you could check-out the world Health Organization, WHO, at the UN site.

Let us know what you find.

You may find that you are developing a curiosity about polotical or economic aspects of public health, or even of global mental health.

Bring us somthing curious or life saving.

Our War Our Economy

When we have called this Bush's war of Bush's economy we have been fools and cowardly. It has been our war and our economy so long as we have been Americans.

It was us who ignored Clinton's suggestion that we re-train our work-force. It was us who did not teach our children how to take their part in our politically responsible social organizations. It was us who let Reagan lead a dismantling of the oversight system which cost our father's so much to build. It was us who supported the killing of dogs, cats, children and women of Koreans, Panamanians, Cambodians, Nicaraguans, Laotians, Guatemalans, Mexicans, Germans and others in their own land in their homes in their own lands. We were responsible and we are responsible.

Have we paid the devil to smile?

Are we willing to discuss alternatives?

Sunday, January 04, 2009

It's All True!

Our interpretation is imperfect.

We need to improve our understanding.

Embrace reality.

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