Saturday, December 26, 2009

Can You Name the Country

Using these few historical hints?

It was aiming to become a republic about the same time 'we' were. It had an airline before we did.

Like all countries it was created and supported by men and families. Here are some few family names important to the existence of this country: Santander, Bolivar, Mejia, Restrepo, Corral, Narino, Caldas.
Learning, honor, generosity, kindness, family, liberty, courage, public service each has been known to be important among them.
Religion too has been important.
Doctors and poets have been respected. Men of letters and learning in general have been well respected.

Picking a name more or less at random we may find some details helpful to your guess. Let Restrepo be that name. It has long been respected in Antioquia and Santa Fe. it is known now and It was known in the United Provinces of New Granada. It was known to Simon Bolivar and to Juan del Corral. If you know orchids, you may know the genus of Restrepia. There have long been Restrepos in the city of Envigado.

Well, what do you think?

San Francisco

There were, at least, five Sheehans in San Francisco, California in 1898

Great Cities

What city do most Americans, who appreciate good air, know as BA?

Friday, December 25, 2009


I am unsettled, made afraid, by my weakness and diarrhea, the doctors' inability to help. I fear my lasting loss of ability to take care of business.

It's been this way nearly two years now. I feel anger and curse.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Days!

This blog of mine is much about this journey through my days.
It is a way I relate the content of these days to you.

At this time of year I am reminded of my strong wish that:
your days be happy,
your merry moments be many,
you and yours prosper and thrive,
you love reality,
you grow in honesty and wisdom.

A toast to your good health!
Happy Holidays!
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Second Longest River: Guess its Name

The reality of water in the US seems to have begun to save the land from careless exploitation. This next to the longest river in the US, for too long, seemed unable to slack the thirst of its exploiters. Now there seems to be growing awareness of the limits and preciousness of the waters of this river. Some lovers of the "Land of Enchantment" are thanking the gods for the awareness that is slowing the march of exploitation.

Far up this long river one can find certain villages. A wise man on the way up toward those villages may keep his eyes open for the 'asequias' for the old mother ditches. They are well made and of time tested design; tested in old world and new. They were loved and cared for. Those 'irrigation canals were tended with love close to reverence and they watered beautiful, well tended gardens and orchards. Let me name some of these villages: Truchas, Cundiyo, Arroyo Seco, Hondo, Rio Sarco, Ojo Sarco, Cordova, Canjilon, El Valle, Llano, Rodarte, Tierra Amarilla. Some of these were founded as early as the 1500s others as late as the 1800s. Las Trampas, one of those little towns was there when George Washington was born, and it is not the oldest.

Knowing the power of culture, of the lasting of the ways of mankind, imagine the combining and stirrings of cultures of 16th century Spain, with that of the calmer cultures of the 16th century Pueblos, with the newer, cultures of Apache and Navajo.
Now imagine and remember the march of England and most of western Europe across the new continent from sea to shining see. Remember that recent history.

Imagine yourself satellite high looking down on the rivers of that land. Though the name of the river of which we speak is not written across that landscape, its reality may come to you.

Will you comment on water, river, reality, enchantment?

Monday, December 21, 2009

All of Us

How many of us are there now?
In 1999 the human population of the world was more than six billion. That is over sixty billion toes!
How many of us will there be in 2010?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mastery of the Invisble

A power to work your will upon invisible energy in motion in a way that is manifested in the workaday world is available to you through appropriate us of mathematics or history. Either discipline will put you on a road to mastery.

The narrower, straighter roads are those of math. You might start by becoming familiar with Lorentzian manifolds and then work your way back to high school geometry. You may not need arithmetic, but number sense is a help. Understanding certain manipulations of symbols is necessary. Sound like magic?

History has wider roads and ones that are often in disrepair. You can start anywhere. You may benefit by attending to power, energy, motivation and natural law. You might save some time by looking at the sources of Faraday's learning and let Faraday be the center of a sphere of time and space for you to explore. You may find that having the development of modern physics within your sphere of exploration is more rewarding than making certain that the ancients are included.

Ours is an energy world in constant flux. We seem to built to sense it only imperfectly. One must meditate on ones findings and learn form those who have gone before. Making some of the discipline of each of the following yours, will make you more able: philosophy, history, mathematics, and science.

Follow your pleasure as you learn. If it pleases you, go to
Wikipedia and see if searches on items like: Thales, Maxwell, Marie Curie, isomorphism, overlapping fields, electricity,magnetism, light, vector fields, homeomorphism manifolds, and the like yield anything pleasing.

May the force be with you.

Treat Wounds Sweetly

I have mentioned sugar as a treatment substance for wounds. Another excellent treatment substance for many wounds is honey.
It has been used as an excellent dressing for burns, ulcers, and open wounds. It has been used successfully to treat burns, amputations, bedsores, leg ulcers, surgical wounds, and a variety of trauma wounds, including cuts, abrasions, puncture wounds and gunshots.

For deeper wounds and abscesses, honey has been used to fill the cavity after it has been cleaned.

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