Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mastery of the Invisble

A power to work your will upon invisible energy in motion in a way that is manifested in the workaday world is available to you through appropriate us of mathematics or history. Either discipline will put you on a road to mastery.

The narrower, straighter roads are those of math. You might start by becoming familiar with Lorentzian manifolds and then work your way back to high school geometry. You may not need arithmetic, but number sense is a help. Understanding certain manipulations of symbols is necessary. Sound like magic?

History has wider roads and ones that are often in disrepair. You can start anywhere. You may benefit by attending to power, energy, motivation and natural law. You might save some time by looking at the sources of Faraday's learning and let Faraday be the center of a sphere of time and space for you to explore. You may find that having the development of modern physics within your sphere of exploration is more rewarding than making certain that the ancients are included.

Ours is an energy world in constant flux. We seem to built to sense it only imperfectly. One must meditate on ones findings and learn form those who have gone before. Making some of the discipline of each of the following yours, will make you more able: philosophy, history, mathematics, and science.

Follow your pleasure as you learn. If it pleases you, go to
Wikipedia and see if searches on items like: Thales, Maxwell, Marie Curie, isomorphism, overlapping fields, electricity,magnetism, light, vector fields, homeomorphism manifolds, and the like yield anything pleasing.

May the force be with you.

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