Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Second Longest River: Guess its Name

The reality of water in the US seems to have begun to save the land from careless exploitation. This next to the longest river in the US, for too long, seemed unable to slack the thirst of its exploiters. Now there seems to be growing awareness of the limits and preciousness of the waters of this river. Some lovers of the "Land of Enchantment" are thanking the gods for the awareness that is slowing the march of exploitation.

Far up this long river one can find certain villages. A wise man on the way up toward those villages may keep his eyes open for the 'asequias' for the old mother ditches. They are well made and of time tested design; tested in old world and new. They were loved and cared for. Those 'irrigation canals were tended with love close to reverence and they watered beautiful, well tended gardens and orchards. Let me name some of these villages: Truchas, Cundiyo, Arroyo Seco, Hondo, Rio Sarco, Ojo Sarco, Cordova, Canjilon, El Valle, Llano, Rodarte, Tierra Amarilla. Some of these were founded as early as the 1500s others as late as the 1800s. Las Trampas, one of those little towns was there when George Washington was born, and it is not the oldest.

Knowing the power of culture, of the lasting of the ways of mankind, imagine the combining and stirrings of cultures of 16th century Spain, with that of the calmer cultures of the 16th century Pueblos, with the newer, cultures of Apache and Navajo.
Now imagine and remember the march of England and most of western Europe across the new continent from sea to shining see. Remember that recent history.

Imagine yourself satellite high looking down on the rivers of that land. Though the name of the river of which we speak is not written across that landscape, its reality may come to you.

Will you comment on water, river, reality, enchantment?

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