Friday, August 01, 2008

My Innocence my Guilt

My ancestors have said that I am innocent. They have said that I am innocent until proven guilty. How am I to be proven guilty? I do not, according to my ancestors, need to be proven innocent. According to them, I am innocent
So then, the question seems to be, "How is my guilt to be proven?"

To attempt to answer this question I need to establish what I mean by "guilt" and what I mean by "proof." And/or to establish what my ancestors have meant by "guilt" and "proof."
I see that proof and guilt, according to the ways of humanity, have to do with law. So I need also to be clear about the meaning of "law."

To preserve my innocence, I must be clear about what I mean by:

I must find others who agree how we are to do: proof, guilt, law.
How is such clarity to be gained?
How is such agreement to be accomplished?
For what am I responsible?
Who are these others on whom I am to depend?

Cahuilla Homeland

During the 100 years before 1850, more or less.
"Cahuilla homland" here, is largely my own invetion so I will deliniate it a bit. Its center of gravity may be found near the western end of the Salton Sink (sometimes called the Colorado Desert) and the west of the San Jacinto/San Gorgonio Pass.
I circumscribe it by a line beginning just north of Carpenteria on the california Pacific coast and extending east to a point just north of Parker, Arizona on the Colorado River. From there the lines extens southeast to the point at which the Salt River enters the Gila River. From that point our line extens south by southeast to Tucson, Arizona. From there south through old Tubac Presidio and down through Tubutama in Mexico just north of Altar. From Altar the line runs about straight west to Mission Santo Domingo on the west coast of the Baja California Pennisula. Then, fianlly, north by northwest up the Pacific coast through Santo Tomas, San Miguel, San Juan Capistrano, Los Angeles, and Ventura, back to Carpetaria.

There are many other peoples in this area at this time, some may be arguably more important than the Cahuilla. Areas of influence have centers and extend outward, overlapping and weakening as they go. Peoples influencial in this same area include Mojave, Yuma, Spanish, Paipai, Halchidum, Gabrielno, Luiseno, Yaqui, Shoshone, Piute, Chumash, Cocopa, Pima, Cocomaricopa, Apache, and others.

The area in and around what is now known as Palm springs has benn inhabited by the Cahuilla for a very long time. They are there today and doing about as well as the rest of us.

I hope to continue this story. I could use some help.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tell me about Troyes, France.

Has it any direct relation to Troy?
I think that before it was called Agustbona Tricassium in the Roman era that it was an important Celtic settlement. During that Roman era it was an important destination on the Via Agrippa to Rome.
It became the home of Patroclus of Troyes, a 3rd century martyr.
It became the capital of the province of Champagne and is where troy weight, of gold fame, originated.
From 1040 t0 1105 it was home of Rashi the important and famous biblical and Talmudic commentator. It is also home to the ancient church of St. Nizier.
The order of the Knights Templar was created there in 1118 by Hugues de Payns.
I think Jean of Arch spent some time there.
Add to the account.

More from the Popol Vuh

Examine the new place well with your hands and eyes.
Know more about the morning star.
Discover your beginnings, find meaning for your life.
Attend to your allies, but give council only to the worthy.
Strike for life.
Improve ability to communicate.
Preserve communication that serves well.
Cooperate for the common good and practice good will.

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