Friday, December 28, 2012

Intention Affirmations

~ I intend to make an amend to myself this day.
~ I propose to identify an amend I desire to make to myself this month.
~ I am ready to learn to treat my forearms with greater care and gentleness here
~ I intend to give abundant time and energy to satisfying a worthy desire if mine here and now.
~ Desire is an important motivator of mine right here.
~ I intent right here to avoid being motivated by fear.
~ I am ready, willing and able to learn to act promptly in face of my fear here and now.
~ I intend to judge myself with mercy this month.
~ I intend to act promptly enough on a well considered insight right here.
~ I intend to take note of a contact with the best within me right now.
~ I am improving my inner home this moment.
~ I am ready. willing, and able to practice praising myself this winter.
~ I seek to praise myself a bit more right now.
~ I propose to simplify my life right here.
~ I am ready, willing, and able to learn to acknowledge that I am in the midst of a significant situation right now.
~ I am read, willing, and able to learn to know that I am the responsible source of my situation now.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I Affirm

~ I am ready, willing, and able to learn to aim to eat here and now only when I am in a state of peace and good appetite
~ I propose to better know what it means to feed my spirit here and now.
~ I choose to earn a bit more income this week.
~ I propose to benefit a bit more by scheduling my time a bit better here.
~ I choose good doings here and now.
~ I propose to consider the pertinent facts right now.
~ I propose to allow myself good cheer and enthusiasm today.
~ I am willing to be where I feel energized today.
~ I am ready, willing, and able to to learn to treat myself with love and respect this day.
~ I am ready, willing and able to acknowledge that I prefer active, face to face dialogue this week.
~ I nurture useful and productive conversation right here.
~ I propose to progress to better understanding here and now.
~ I am ready, willing, and able to learn to consider now what it means to progress to better understanding.
~ I am ready, willing, and able to learn to eat plenty of fresh vegetables now.
~ I propose to benefit today by by taking a step beyond the step beyond this day.
~ I am willing to observe myself taking a step beyond the step beyond.
~ I am ready to learn to consider how I am creative here.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Prefect and Progress

To progress and perfect we act.

Is it wrong to do less and less until all is done?

My Posts

Hello kind reader,

You may have noticed that I have been posting less than usual.

I Intend to post more and better in the future.

For now, however, I'll be posting even less.

I am preparing to travel again and expect to be our if the country for several months. I may head for Southeast Asia first. Wonder how long it will take to learn Burmese and Vietnamese. Probably not much linger that it will take to learn Malay and Cambodian.

As I remember it took me about 30 years to learn to defend myself in Spanish. Well, back to posting.

Once I get somewhere, I intend to tell you where I am and then begin to post on topics which interest me and I think might interest you. When you tell me in "comments' below what interests you I find it easier to post on that which interests you.

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