Sunday, December 23, 2012

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Hello kind reader,

You may have noticed that I have been posting less than usual.

I Intend to post more and better in the future.

For now, however, I'll be posting even less.

I am preparing to travel again and expect to be our if the country for several months. I may head for Southeast Asia first. Wonder how long it will take to learn Burmese and Vietnamese. Probably not much linger that it will take to learn Malay and Cambodian.

As I remember it took me about 30 years to learn to defend myself in Spanish. Well, back to posting.

Once I get somewhere, I intend to tell you where I am and then begin to post on topics which interest me and I think might interest you. When you tell me in "comments' below what interests you I find it easier to post on that which interests you.

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