Saturday, December 26, 2009

Can You Name the Country

Using these few historical hints?

It was aiming to become a republic about the same time 'we' were. It had an airline before we did.

Like all countries it was created and supported by men and families. Here are some few family names important to the existence of this country: Santander, Bolivar, Mejia, Restrepo, Corral, Narino, Caldas.
Learning, honor, generosity, kindness, family, liberty, courage, public service each has been known to be important among them.
Religion too has been important.
Doctors and poets have been respected. Men of letters and learning in general have been well respected.

Picking a name more or less at random we may find some details helpful to your guess. Let Restrepo be that name. It has long been respected in Antioquia and Santa Fe. it is known now and It was known in the United Provinces of New Granada. It was known to Simon Bolivar and to Juan del Corral. If you know orchids, you may know the genus of Restrepia. There have long been Restrepos in the city of Envigado.

Well, what do you think?

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