Friday, October 09, 2009

Bleeding First Aid

If you or another is bleeding in a way that seems to be leading to serious blood loss or just a big mess, here are seven ways you might try to control it:
1. direct pressure on wound
2. pressure wraps
3. icing the area
4. elevating the wound above heart
5. apply a product call Bleed-X or TraumaDEX
6. apply corn-starch directly in the wound and cover with a wrap
7. sugar use as the cornstarch above does a good job of staunching the flow and also acts as a bit of a disinfectant.
8. honey may flow into deep and large and deep wounds to staunch bleeding and also be a better anti-biotic than is sugar
Each of the acts should be considered short term. All wounds should
cleaned and disinfected. Deeper or more serious wounds should be treated by a physician or surgeon.

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