Sunday, June 07, 2009

May You Be Safe on Your Bike

In California and in many other states we have agreed that bicycle riders are to follow the same rules it is mandated that motor vehicle drivers follow. Five rules that it is good for bicycle riders to follow for their own safety are:
1. Consider wearing a helmet. Californians have agreed that bike riders under 18 must wear one.
2. Keep your bicycle in good mechanical condition.
3. Follow traffic laws. Signal your intentions before making a turn or changing lanes. Four wheel motor vehicle drivers tend to lose sight of bicycle riders as often as they loose sight of motor cycle riders. It's often a good idea to consider making eye contact with a nearby car driver just before making a lane change or turn.
4. Ride with the flow of traffic and use dedicated bicycle lanes where they are available.
5. Do not ride a bicycle if you have used alcohol or drugs recently. In California, if you are under 21 but over 13 and ride under the influence, your drivers license will be suspended or delayed one year.

I wish all a safe ride.

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