Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hypertension Notes

~ Hypertension does seem to have some inheritable factors. It may run in families.

~ some professionals suspect that kidney infection or emotional stress may trigger hypertension.

~ Physical activity of some regularity my reduce hypertension. Blood pressure is significantly lower in physically active man then in sedentary men. However those who work more than 40 hours a week tend to have higher blood pressure.

~ It doesn't take much pressure to do one damage. An average pressure of 142/85 may give a 35 year old a death rate 150 percent above the average for his age.

~ Can it be in the water? Some water, especially 'soft water,' has more cadmium then other water. People with hyper tension have been found to have higher concentrations of cadmium in their kidneys than do people with 'normal' blood pressure.

~ Is it a matter of obesity? People above their 'ideal' weight who lose weight, have a fall in blood pressure toward healthy levels.

~ Stress leads to hypertension. Great unmet needs are closely associated with hypertension. Bottled up anger is closely associated with hypertension. Certain tendencies to over conscientiousness may lead to high blood pressure. Resentment raises blood pressure.

~ ~ Low blood pressure is good for us. How low is low enough? How low is too low? The best lowness for an individual surely depends on that individual, but it is great to have some ballpark figures.I would like to have a range of lowness healthy for most people. Can you help me? My guess is that 130/70 and well below that is usually pretty healthy.

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