Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I am having my usual problems with doctors in the US. I returned from Mexico with my usual 'turistas' and my home remedies have not gotten rid of them. The Indian doctor I have used here has set me up with an Arab liver specialist. I don't get it. What I need most is an adjustment in my blood pressure medication. My pressure has jumped from an average of about 120/70 to and average of about 170/100. Too high. Pulse rate has stayed in the mid 60s.

I'm pretty sure that I can get better treatment from a doctor I find in Morelia, Bogota, Montevideo, or Chaing Mai.

Right now a half dozen helicopters are being put through low level maneuvers just above and around my house. The noise vibrates the walls of my chest as well as the walls of my house. Very annoying!

The 60 some yards of cement I had poured here was badly handled. The grades are incorrect and there is much more cracking than is to be expected. I don't like to look at it.

I don't feel well. Have some chest discomfort.

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