Sunday, December 27, 2009

I've Become a Complainer

How can I give myself a chance for better health?
I feel so bad I can ignore the bad effects of my four,not very effective blood pressure medications.

I have more headaches now that I had during my preteens and early teens. I've had headaches nearly every day; some days, all day

I have not learned to talk effectively with doctors nor have they learned to talk with me.

I fact doctors have often ignored me when I am speaking directly to them.

I still have the hope of finding a doctor who will act as a health teacher. How can I continue with such foolishness? Of late I care much less and have slight hope.

The pain in my right leg started deep in my hip joint in the mornings; now it is lasting much of the day and and is strongest in muscles of calf and thigh. I believe the pain originates in my spine.


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