Sunday, April 18, 2010

Possible Destinations

I've listed about 70 countries as tentative destination for a long visit.
It seems that I have been using the following to choose among them:
air quality,
expat living.

I don't feel motivated to type out all seventy. I will type out some. The following made the list, but seem least likely to be a destination in the near future: Yemen, UK, So. Africa, Samoa, Russia, Malawi, Moldova, Lebanon, Jamaica, Haiti, Australia, Luxembourg, Chile, Dominica, Estonia, Finland, Fiji, France. All of the above are still on the list.

At the top of today's list are:
So far, Ecuador is my most likely destination!
Looks like I have a bias for Latin America.
However, my bias may be for air quality.
Still, low cost of living is vary important.
Have you suggestions for countries to ad to the list?
Have you conmments or information about the countries mentioned?
Have you any questions?

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