Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I started a review of some of the goings on beginning about 10,000 years ago and am just now working up to 6500 BC. Between about 6500 BC and 6100 BC there was a glacial advance in North America. Natural those were years of cooler temperatures.

If we had lived in northeastern Mexico during those same years, agave leaf tissue, nopal pencas, mesquite beans, and various kinds of meat may well have been an important part of our diet.

By 6000 BC there were settlements on Crete and the Chaldeans were keeping a library in the temple of Nippur in Mesopotamia. That is we have evidence of a specific library being in existence at least, 8000 years ago! And that means that we had already developed the custom of keeping a part of our culture outside of our minds. It also seems that we revered that stored knowledge enough to keep it in a temple.

By 5300 BC important records were kept on stone tablets in Kish in Mesopotamia. I guess that there are Americans killing 'foreigners ' around Kish and Nippur today. Think I read about a library being blown up near there.

By 5000 BC there were many cities between the Tigris and the Euphrates. When there are people who read and write and talk together daily in cities a lot of creativity results.

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