Sunday, May 10, 2009

Southeast Asia

The Cambridge History of Southeast Asia is likely to be appreciated by those interested in background for SEA countries.The four volumes of this set deal with the region from earliest times through the 1980's. I've enjoyed Volume One which deals with earliest times to c. 1500.
It was published in 1992 by Cambridge University Press.
The "Viet Nam War" may have been a motivating factor for it being published.

The five scholars writing Volume One let show a bit of their excitement at being early researchers in the field. The work, of course, covers the maritime countries as well as the mainland nations.
Volume one is laid out in five sections:
1. a review of the writing of SEA history
2. pre-history of the region
3. the early kingdoms
4. economic history
5. religion and popular beliefs

Barnes and Noble has vol. 1 available online for $37 has it for less than $30. Amazon now lists 80 books as citing this Vol!

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