Monday, May 11, 2009

Let's get the 'h' out of here

Is that what they want .... to get rid of the 'h?'
Do they know why we have two definite articles?
Do they know why we use 'a' and 'an?'
Why are so many saying 'an historical?'
Why are some beginning to say 'an history?'
When will they begin to say 'an hat,' 'an house,' or 'an hit?'
Haven't they noticed that we say 'an elephant,' 'an apple,' 'an orange,' but 'a car,' 'a fruit,' 'a mammal?'
Can't they hear the sounds of English?
Can't they distinguish the sound of a consonant from the sound of a vowel?
Who are they?
They have their rights, but it would be of some comfort to know that they were aware of what they were doing.

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