Thursday, May 14, 2009

We Humans Did It

Far back in time prominent land marks, certain woods and groves, forest meadows, certain hilltops and islands, and many springs have been set aside as holy. Often those same locals were intellectual centers, places of teaching and learning. They were places to be kept clean and pure. They were places to be kept free of violence and bloodshed. Often too, they were places of healing.
A cave,an artificial hill,a standing-stone,a tree sometimes marked such a place. These places often symbolized a center or a beginning.

These sacred places or sanctuaries may have been marked by a shaft or pillar. At certain times they may have been marked by the representation of a tree or a phallus. Also representations of the mother figure were found in and around the older of such sites.

In such places kings were made and laws recited.

These sacred places and holy sanctuaries were most often open to the sky even when they were enclosed by a wall.

These holy places were often considered energy sources of power, inspiration,and healing. Sometimes the power was hidden.

I have said that these places were set apart. I did not mean that they were set apart from the community. Most often they were community centers. Where they were not community centers was in cases in which they were associated with over-thrown gods.

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