Thursday, March 25, 2010

8500 BC, 8000 BC

8500 BC
Men in South America had already developed a technology for the cultivation of gourds and peppers. What else was going on then?

8000 BC
Remains of a lakeside dwelling in central Oregon buried and preserved by the erupting of Mount Mazama showed that people there probably ate sage, bison, rabbi, bear, sheep, elk, choke berries, hazelnuts, and blackberries. How does your diet compare to theirs? These same people used baskets and wore sandals. I bet they helped their children to a similar diet and skill set.
In Nevada people hunted many species of large game including the ground sloth and the mammoth. Native Americans tell of these hunts in songs, chants, and stories. An 'atlatl,' the spear thrower was used to hunt these large animals and had been used to hunt such large beasts far back into the preceding Ice Age. Bow and arrow and atlatl and spear technologies were quite different. Native Americans developed and used excellent ways to pass on the 'hows and whys' of their technologies. My we do as well.
The most recent Ice Age was truly over and humans were eating chiltepines in Mexico. Mexicans eat them today. Be cautious if you intend to follow their example.
There is again the development of framing an settled village life in Anatolia. There may have been close decedents of Noah in those villages.

Are you intereste in these times? earlier times? later times? Why? Why not?

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