Sunday, January 31, 2010

El Alto, Sucre, and Potosi

El Alto is great. It is located on the plain above La Paz. It is something of a native American nation; important politically and something new in the world. I think that officially El Alto is considered part of La Paz.

I believe that Sucre is elegant and comfortable. I suspect that I could live well there. It is the constitutional capital of Bolivia.

I haven't been to Potosi, but suspect that there are facts about it that you can find interesting. Below, I've sketched a few of them for you:

~ You might say that it was built by European energy and initiative, motivated by European greed.

~ Its high. I'd guess that it is over 13,000 feet above sea level.

~ It's located at the foot of Cero Rico. It has been said that with the silver taken
from that 'hill,' a bridge from Potosi to Madrid could be built. I suspect tat it did fiance much of the latter part of the European Renaissance.

~ In 1650, Potosi may have been the most populate city in the world. In that year I believe it had a population of over 160,000 inhabitants. How many people lived in London that year?

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