Friday, May 28, 2010

Reasons For Going There

The reasons for going there ought to be better than those for staying here.

I have made a fairly extensive list of my major important goals an objectives and upon analysis of it, I find that can meet almost all of my important goals here, as well as I can there. There are, however, some few that I nay be able to better meet there.

Here are what at the moment seem to be excellent reasons for making the move:
  • Here, I have been feeling unmotivated and poorly rewarded. For whatever the reasons I'm kind of bored. I have learned that I need a bit more novelty than do many. There, I feel that I will be blessed with pleasant novelty and variety for some time.
  • Here, I am finding little satisfaction in driving. I am finding more evidence that I drive less safely and skillfully than I once did. I also so that keep a personal vehicle is a significant expense. There, I am sure that I can live comfortably with no personal vehicle. I will probably find it necessary to live in a city.
  • Here, grooming help such as haircuts and pedicures seem expensive. There they will be cheaper.
  • Here, I cannot afford housekeeping or maid-service. There, I a can more economically find such help.
  • Here, I have not been appropriately physically active enough. Here, I am compulsively over-eating. There, I believe that I will have a greater likelyhood of making appropriate life changes.

Because of the way I have arranged my life here, my housing and medical care costs will probably be no less there than the are here. However, even thees to items may be more simply handled there.

However most things of life are as easily and congenially handled here as they are there.

I do seem to b very busy here, but suspect that I will be more appropriatel active there. I see more movement and more fun there. I see a bit more abundant life thee.

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