Friday, May 28, 2010

Saints Alive!

My friend, Eleanor, helped me trace down some of this information without a computer.

In or near Rome around 250 AD lived Hyacinth and his dear friend or brother Protus. Shortly after that time they were martyred, burned, a buried together in a small crypt. They have been called Saints.

Another St. Hyacinth was born in Poland and lived there from 1185-1257 AD. He was canonized in 1594. He became a Dominican.

In Spanish St Hyacinth is San Jacinto. San Jacinto has been a place name in California from at least 1820.

In Southern California, between the desert and the sea stands steeply dramatic 10,000 ft Mount San Jacinto. In the desert, at the foot of Mt, "San Jack" lies the resort city of Palm Springs.

Mt San Jacinto has a 'brother' mountain of which I may post later.

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