Sunday, July 12, 2009


Not a great many years after the reconquest of the Pueblos by groups organized in Mexico ......
US forces came to dominate New Mexico and the Pueblos tried to revolt again. Canon of the US artillery made short work of there try. The Pueblos and crillollos did have the satisfaction of seeing US forces taking over the job of fighting the Comanche, Navajo, and Apache. That fighting occupied most of the US Army for half a century. American fighting men's blood has ever been offered.

In ways not always supportive of American honor US forces finally disposed of the Spanish, Mexican, French, Navajo, Apache, Comanche, and all who were seen as standing in the way of American Progress.
Spanish land grants which our forefathers promised to honor in written treaties and with hand over heart were not honored. The land person and dignity of others was dishonored.

New Mexico, the West, and much of the continent became 'ours' from sea to shinning sea.

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