Monday, July 13, 2009

Around Camp Thunderbird

The mason has finished and been paid off. The Cement finisher has begun pouring today. I contacted one of the plasterers I talked to and ask for a proposal this morning. Plumber and phone men have come and gone. Don't have electrical or insulation people on hand yet. Have talked to a guy who will install two gates for $1200.

I'm very pleased to have this work well started. I'm a bit concerned because I'm dipping into my health and medical money. By the time I replace the Astro and pay for this work a big chunk of my reserves will have been spent. Replacing my refrigerator yesterday contributed to what feels like the beginning of 'massive' outlay.

The round-tails are participating in the construction work. They are digging more borrows around the place than they ever have.

Second load of cement just arrived. That should do it for today.

Perhaps tomorrow I will make an appointment for my first pedicure in the US. I feel the need for a bit of a reward. Why a reward? I've spent travel and doctor money on the exterior of this not really great place, but have perhaps saved some capital from being deflated. Also I'm so fat that I can't breathe when I bend-over to cut my nails, and then am unable to see them well when I do. Maybe its consolation I want.


  1. Well, Richard, look at it this way. All the work that is being done now will never have to be updated in our lifetime. :^)
    It's a good investment in our future. Do it now before we become dotty.

  2. Thanks, Gerry.
    It's good to know that you seem to figure that I'm doing it because I'm already dotty.
    Cement finishers are working and I just got off the phone with a plaster.
    I was just thinking that it might me nicer to be talking to a travel agent or making an appointment at a spa.


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