Sunday, July 12, 2009


I take my blood pressure, but still forget the difference between diastolic and systolic pressure. I'm pretty sure that one can be called resting pressure and the other working pressure. the lower of the tow resting and the higher, working.

Pulse pressure is the name given by some to the difference between resting and working pressures. Pulse pressure may be a true and useful measure of the condition of my arteries. the lower it is the more flexible my arteries. the higher it is the stiffer my arteries. I take it that generally flexible arteries are healthy arteries.

I might say that the lower my pulse pressure the healthier I am. Then again when the difference is zero, one is probably dead or very close to being so.

Still is a heuristic, a difference of below 40 might be a useful indication of healthy arteries and a difference above 40 may be an indication of hardening arteries.

At the moment my readings are as follows: 155 systolic
90 diastolic
65 pulse pressure
75 pulse rate
Oh, my God! My readings have really gone bad. They have been this bad and worse in the past.
In recent years they have been more like: 135 systolic
70 diastolic
65 pulse pressure
60 pulse rate

So, even when I thought my readings were good, I had indications of hardening arteries.


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