Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something Fishy?

Dead fish.
Lots of dead fish floating on the river July 13th.
Too many dead fish floating on the river and accompanied by a strong strange unpleasant smell.
Many dead fish floating on the Colorado River near Parker Arizona.
The river seems clearer than usual.
Live fish were swimming in the same water, so perhaps the kill happened elsewhere.
What caused this big fish kill?

Where might we get more information?


  1. Hello is this working? Have you seen my smoke signals? Looks like you have a handle on life! Are you a lifer? Is "If" in the center of life? Is it true "Wherever you go, there you are?" Is the golden rule "He who has the gold makes the rules"? Is carma saying "You reap what you sow"? How many steps are there in a 12 step program? Does living prepare us for death? As in Living is the honey that makes the medician go down? In closing "Why ask question we know the anwers too" says Carl Young...

  2. I recommend reading a book by Jack Whimpress Echunga 1839 - 1939 John Joseph I think Stevens,is also John Joseph Barton that would be my grandma's brother confirmed by the black sheep of the family and told to the eldest child's wife whom is holidaying in Melbourne. It is amazing when you change the name of the brother that comes to Australia and then you name your youngest Henry after a ficticious brother that did not exist. You cast away the daughters and know they will change their names by marriage domineer the sons and tell the one like him that had to decide which girl and which bun to keep (although acknowledging them both)How can you have six grandchildren at Cabra and two not knowing the other four and when I admit that mine whom from birth was enrolled could not efford to go (Isn't any catholic child no matter how poor allowed a catholic educatiion) I get a high five well why argue with democracey. Do my children look like me or my husband an ostrich not an emu.

  3. Seems to be working.
    Missed signals.
    Sometimes it seems I'm losing my grip on that handle.
    You sound a bit like an artist friend of mine.
    Some of us seem to have a fishy family life.
    Carl must be getting old.
    Thanks all for the comments.
    May check JWE on Amazon.


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