Monday, May 10, 2010

Pitt River Purity

The following is my paraphrase of the words of Elder Craven Gibson as interpreted by Darryl Babe Wilson in "The Californians."

"It-Spo-Iotsi" is from the Ajunan-wi language of Pitt River People. It is pretty close to the the English word "truth." It means straight talk. More, it is a spiritual agreement with the self to speak the truth. It is a hallmark of true humanity. It-Spo-Iotsi is truth made visible by living in a good way and cherishing life.

It is good to know that the cleanliness of truth is.

Pitt River People know that the Sacramento Valley was once a great lake 'as long as the land.' They know that an earthquake opened the coastal range, allowing that great water to drain into the pacific. When it did, there was San Francisco Bay and in it Shinning Rock Island, Alcatraz. A truth was there.

When Pitt River People were taken away by force in many directions, some were taken to Alcatraz. Truth will set us free. The Mouse Brothers may have brought a strong consciousness of truth to the Pitt River People from Alcatraz, Shinning Rock Island. Truth must be understood, appreciated, and acknowledged.

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