Sunday, May 09, 2010


If you are really interested in reality, I ought to tell you that it probably didn't even exist before the Arab ruling class left the Iberian peninsula.

If that seems complicated I suggest you try prayer. If prayer seems attractive you might what to remember that persons familiar with the process suggest that to be effective prayer ought to be sincere,m honest, and, probably, realistic. Knowers of prayer have also suggested that the best prayer is for knowledge of God's will. Others suggest that prayer for self knowledge is also worthwhile. It's also fair to prayer that your car fly you and your significant other around the moon.

If that seems complicated .........
For a fairly accessible way to extend your understanding of reality try Wikipedia. Check out:
~ General Semantics; but, remember that the Count is a dead Pole.
~ Philosophy of History; but, remember that history is really big, philosophy too.

After that you might want to check out field theory, philosophy of physics, and a lot of math. Before you do you might first ask yourself, "Whadahyawanaknofer?"

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