Saturday, September 26, 2009


Leaves of Cinnamon, Pithoragarh, Himalayas, IndiaImage via Wikipedia

Cinnamon, it seems, may refer to more than one spice. More probably, there have been four species of cinnamon known since classical times. It is most often as type of evergreen tree. In earlier times it was found mostly in southern China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and India.

Cinnamon is known as a 'fundamental herb' in classical Chinese pharmacology. It now seems that most types of cinnamon combat the diabetic effects o sugar.

My grandmother's cinnamon toast was probably a wise and healthful idea. It may be a good idea to use cinnamon with sugar whenever it doesn't seem too weird to do so.

Please help me to update us on the health effects of cinnamon. Is "cassia" another name for cinamon?
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